About us

Iris Lanir Architecture & Interior Design

Iris Lanir, holds a BA in Architecture from theTechnion- Israel Institute of Technology since 1994. She won the prestigious Aryeh Sharon prize for her final project and graduated her studies with Honors. Iris is in charge of all the residential planning and .interior design in the firm.


About the studio

Lanir Architects is a firm specializing in various projects. The Firm was founded  in 1998.

Since its inception, the firm has been planning various projects, such as: Villas, Luxury Homes, offices and more. Lanir Architects has also designed unique furniture pieces and decorations while incorporating materials such as Zing, Wood, Concrete and Glass

Our team supports the client from start to completion throughout all the phases of construction. Our belief is that a good project is the result of a succssessfull dialogue between the client and the architect. Other important components to consider are: programming, designing, efficiency, carful budget planning and obviously the Human factor.

The desired outcome is a successful integration of all of these. Together we can make your dream come true !

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